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We focus exclusively on HVAC systems for projects. We utilize software to perform load calculations, equipment matching, duct designing, and ultimately we develop a full set of mechanical plans for city inspectors or for installers to follow. We can also perform REScheck, LEED design and documentation, Green Build, and more.

*We use ACCA Manual J 8th Addition

Wolff Mechanical Manual J
Manual J

We perform a load calculation to get an accurate prognosis of the building. Many HVAC contractors still use the rule of thumb of 400 square feet per ton. Because of the incredible advancement of the building industry using this rule of thumb leads to oversized houses. This leads to faster equipment failure, increased equipment cost, and most importantly an uncomfortable home. Wolff Mechanical has been performing Manual J calculations for over 25 years and has an advanced understanding of Manual J load calculations.

Wolff Mechanical Manual S
Manual S

We perform a load calculation using the specs on the plan to get an accurate prognosis of the building. After this is done we then select equipment that works with the load calculation to optimize comfort and energy efficiency. This step is vitally important for homeowner comfort.

Wolff Mechanical Manual D
Manual D

After Completing a Manual J load calculation and selecting the best equipment for the house based on the load, we perform duct design and place and active return grills in every bedroom.

Wolff Mechanical Manual T
Manual T

Manual T goes hand in hand with quality duct design. Manual T is focused on air distribution, register placement, return grill placement, types of registers and their sizes. Performing an accurate manual T will ensure an efficient and quiet system.

Wolff Mechanical - Mechanical Plans
Mechanical Plans

Wolff Mechanical designs full sets of mechanical plans. This includes duct sizing, register sizing/CFM and schedule, equipment locations, thermostat location, ventilation and infiltration calculations, and all relevant codes and diagrams.

Wolff Mechanical VRF Designed Mechanical Plans
VRF Designed Mechanical Plans

This service is for a project that is to be installed with a VRF system. Wolff Mechanical has been and continues to be the leader in residential VRF designs. We perform a detailed set of mechanical plans and have a close relationship with city inspectors.

Wolff Mechanical - Light Commercial Mechanical Plans
Light Commercial Mechanical Plans

This service is for light commercial projects. We perform a manual N and submit a mechanical plan to city inspectors for approval.

Wolff Mechanical Express Package
Express Package

This service provides homeowners, builders, and/or architects with the right documentation and plans to pass city inspectors. It includes all documentation for city inspectors (Manual J/S/T/D documentation with a full set of mechanical plans).

Wolff Mechanical Complete Care Package
Complete Care Package

This service is for those homeowners, builders, or architects who want a detailed, easy to read, and field applicable set of mechanical plans.

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