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Reasons to have your ductwork sealed by Wolff Mechanical using AEROSEAL

Don’t take it from me!

A Consumer Reports article in October of 2012 titled, “Test your energy IQ – What you don’t know about energy can cost you” shared the following:

Which home improvement will usually lower a household’s annual energy cost the most?

Sealing all air leaks, including leaky ducts.

Though new windows can save energy, especially double-glazed units with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings, our tests have found that it could take 20 years to recoup the investment. The swiftest savings come from sealing air leaks in your home’s walls, windows, and especially its ductwork.

“Leaky return ducts can also introduce unwanted air pollutants into the home,” adds Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency at the Department of Energy. Duct insulating and sealing are best left to a professional and could lower your annual heating and cooling bills by $400.

SRP’s website shared the following:

If there are rooms in your house that you can’t keep comfortable, the culprit may be leaky ducts. They carry air from your central heating or cooling system into each room. In a typical home, about 20% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost because of improper installation. Sealing up leaks can save you $200 or more in annual energy costs. Plus, as Phoenix area temperatures heat up, properly sealed ducts will help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.

APS’s website shared the following:

An APS study on duct leakage found up to 33% of a heating/cooling system’s airflow could be leaking through the ducts.The impact is most severe in ducts installed in attics where temperatures can exceed 140 degrees in the summer.

On average, almost 15% of cooling energy is wasted due to duct leakage.
In Arizona’s desert climate, about 50% of your annual energy bill is typically spent on running your heating and cooling system. Fixing duct leaks could save up to $200 on your annual energy costs.


Aeroseal was awarded the 2011 best new home product by This Old House magazine.
The Department of Energy awarded Aeroseal #15 on the Energy 100 Award List.
Studies by the EPA and others found Aeroseal to be 95% effective at sealing ducts.

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So Why Use Aeroseal?

Leaks in your air ducts are nearly impossible to pinpoint without making holes in walls, floors, and ceilings. Once the holes have been located, the past method has been to seal them with a caulk-like substance, one at a time. With Aeroseal, there’s no need to identify each weak point or cause any damage to the walls, ceiling and floors. Let us introduce Aeroseal into your ducts and allow them to find and seal any problem cracks without causing damage to your home. It only takes one application to seal undetectable holes in your ductwork with 98% effectiveness.

Save Money on Monthly Bills

Ask us about using Aeroseal in your home or office to eliminate the air duct leakage that is costing you up to an extra 30% on monthly bills. The majority of the air systems in homes and commercial buildings have small holes and cracks that slowly leak out the hot or cold air that you are paying for. When air is leaking out of cracks in the ducts, extra air and energy must be used to heat or cool the space causing more stress on your HVAC unit. Aeroseal not only keeps you healthy but works for the benefit of your heating and cooling systems. This allows the conditioned air to go into the designated conditioned place without losing it to attics and crawl spaces.

Health Benefits

Because we spend so much of our lives indoors, we try to make the quality of your breathing air in your home or work environment as healthy as possible by blocking off the entrance of contaminants. With holes and cracks in your air ducts, bacteria and dust can be pulled into the duct from crawl spaces, attics, and areas with dirty unfiltered air. This air can leave unpleasant odors in your home or worse, unclean air can cause serious health concerns that can be deadly for some individuals.


In addition to taking measures to make sure that you, your family, and guests are in a healthy and save the environment, Aeroseal will also make your home or office a more comfortable space. You’ll notice the difference in air quality by lack of bad odors and the overall cleanliness of your home or office. The Aeroseal technology will close off any small holes or cracks in your heating/cooling and ventilation ducts, stopping extra dust and dander from entering. This will cause less dust on your furniture and less dirt in your carpets and hard floors.

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