Quality System Services & Heating System Repair

Furnace Heating Repair Services - Wolff MechanicalIf you’re wondering if your heating system needs repair or replacement, a fall heating system safety inspection will provide you with the answers.

A fall heating safety inspection and cleaning will ensure that your gas vent is operating properly. The inspection also involves cleaning and inspecting the blower wheel, gas burners, and all the necessary electronics, as well as diagnostic testing to make sure your equipment is running properly.

During the year your heating system collects dust and dirt, causing the system to run less efficiently, less safe, and more costly on your utility bills. That is why Wolff Mechanical, Inc. offers homeowners a complete furnace tune-up and safety inspection for $79.00.

Other heating services include:
  • Heat load calculation
  • Heat pump installation
  • Duct diagnostics and design
  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • Filter replacement (please provide the model number of your equipment when scheduling your tune-up)

Whether you need heating system repair or other heating system services, you can trust the experts at Wolff Mechanical, Inc. to do the job right the first time—every time!

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